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Service Contractor's

Phone System
Reinvented.® was built specifically for service contractors and combines the power of VoIP, artificial intelligence and good ol' field service experience.



Designed for Field Service. Built for Success.

Stay on top of all your customers' requests and deliver your best service

Call or Text

Advertise any of your phone numbers as "text or call" numbers

View all call activities and get screen popups with customers' work history & account details

Track call and agent statistics on our easy-to-use intuitive dashboard

Visibility into your agents' daily performance allows you to make more intelligent scheduling, training and marketing decisions.

Track call reasons and outcomes

Optimize your marketing and improve operational efficiency by tracking call reasons and outcomes directly from within your phone dialer.

Dramatically increase customer satisfaction
and reduce overhead using Ring-a-Tech™

Customer calls one of
your phone numbers detects a
service appointment re-routes
the call to your office

Technician can choose to
accept or reject the call

Ring Groups

Create user groups or departments for calls and incoming text messages.

Call Recording

Record calls & play them back
within or Service Fusion


Feature-rich, easy-to-use phone service for field service companies at low cost.



per user/month billed monthly

Service Fusion integration features
also included in our price plan

Customer screen pops with work history

Add new customers directly from

Start new estimates & jobs with one click

One click dialing from Service Fusion

Call history in customer profile & activity tabs

One-on-one onboarding session

Backed by Service Fusion support

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Business hours setting

Discover our exclusive features:

IVR / phone trees

Voice and text message capable

Unlimited call flows

Smart call queues

Custom voice greetings

Ring groups


Instant phone numbers

Call reasons & outcomes

Sales lead tracking

Call recording*

Shared & private inboxes

Call log filters

Conference bridges

Voicemail & call transcription**

Forwarding to external numbers

Parellel call capability

Bi-directional text messages

Frequently Asked Questions

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Power your team with

Hassle-free cloud telephony that you can use right away.

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I noticed you have a service appointment
scheduled today and can connect you
directly with your service technician.

Press 1 to connect or wait for more options

Customer call from

Press 1 to answer


Instant Phone Numbers

Buy local or toll-free
phone numbers on demand
in seconds

Smart Schedule

Set your business
hours and create custom
call routing rules


Route customers
directly to techs without
exposing their numbers

Create queues
and avoid calls rolling to

Call Queues

Call Transcription

Read call and voicemail
transcriptions directly in your inbox

Call Queues

Create smart call queues
and avoid calls rolling to

Service Fusion

View customer history and create new customers with direct integration

Watch Demos

Watch product demonstrations on our YouTube Channel

Get Support

Check out our help center for
answers to common questions

* Inbound only. Six months of storage included.  **Additional fee of $15 per user per month applies.

Offer customers to call or text any of your phone numbers

Over 78% of people surveyed wish they could have a text conversation with a business. Give customers what they want by advertising every phone number as a "text or call" number.

Transcription Services

Read call and voicemail
transcriptions without
having to listen to them.

Track where your business is coming from without having to ask customers

Buy local and toll free numbers instantly, link them to referral sources in Service Fusion and track leads and conversions.

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Marketing Tracking

Track inbound call sources
and automatically link them
to jobs or estimates

Instant Phone Numbers

Buy local or toll-free
phone numbers on demand
with a click

* Inbound only. Six months of storage included.  **Additional fee of $15 per user per month applies.